SRT & McKinney: Passing the Torch

SRT is very excited to welcome the staff and patients of McKinney Prosthetics in Illinois and the Paramount patients in Wisconsin to the SRT family!

SRT and McKinney are two like-minded companies with common values and beliefs, driven by outcomes and quality of care for both our patients and their families.

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Providing a Helping Hand

Illinois Prosthetics

A Friendly Touch

Whether you are a patient, a friend, or a passerby, we welcome everyone to stop in and say "hello" to our team and see the office. Don’t worry - we’re not stuffy!

Illinois Prosthetics

Quick & Efficient

McKinney Prosthetics, due to their experience in the development of technology, are able to create prosthetics in days, what takes other offices weeks to complete.

Illinois Prosthetics

Comfortably Fit

Your comfort is always our priority! Even if you have had pain from older versions of prosthetics, McKinney Prosthetics is able to bring comfort back into your life.

Illinois Prosthetics

Start Living Again

Love to ski? Long distance runner? No matter what activities you love, if you have the physical capability, we will assist you along in your journey!


Regain Your Happiness With Our Comprehensive Care

By using the best technology and our patented socket designs, we offer a full range of orthotic and prosthetic services, from pediatric care to upper extremity involvement.


We offer full range of prosthetic services from partial feet to upper extremity. Patients can be seen at our offices, in the hospital, nursing home, or at their home for initial evaluation.

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We offer full range of orthotic services from pediatric to geriatric care. We also keep in close contact with each patient's prescribing physician or physical therapist.

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Sub-Atmospheric Technology

Our industry is always growing and technology advances fast. At McKinney Prosthetics, your needs remain in our focus by being educated in the latest technology, as well as pioneering technology for the future.

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Mastectomy Fittings

Fittings take place in a private, comfortable fitting room. You will always be comfortable and informed regarding how to use and care for your prosthesis.

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‘‘McKinney Prosthetics has given me so much more than the ability to walk…. They gave me my life back.

~ Cat H, (Actual patient)

‘‘McKinney Prosthetics has given me so much more than the ability to walk…. They gave me my life back.

~ Cat H, (Actual patient)

What’s on Your Mind?

Many people feel lost, confused, and are left with many questions about their situation.
Some questions may be:

  • How often will I have to get a new prosthesis?
  • What will my prosthesis do?
  • What do I need to know to make an informed decision?

Prosthetics & Orthotics

  • Upper Extremity
  • Prosthetic Advancements
  • Lower Extremity

Advanced Technology

  • Vacuum Technology
  • Patented "Mapping" Technology
  • Mastectomy Fittings

Still Have Questions?

We are always happy to answer your questions.